Sunday, December 14, 2014

And Another Week Goes By Sept 1, 2014

Hello again! Hope everything is going great for ya'll and that its a great Labor day!
Its been another busy week full of exciting things and amazing experiences.
So ya'll remember our investigator Joe? Well he is getting interviewed this Saturday for his baptism!:) We are very excited for him. We set him up with this older couple(the Hebbs) in our ward for some work they needed done. He has been over there every day since Wednesday working for them so has helped him keep busy while he has quit smoking and drinking coffee. We have also been over there every day after he is done working for dinner and a lesson with them haha. Sister Hebb is from mexico and do I need to say anymore! She cooks some great food:) haha She has pretty much adopted Joe, she took him to church, takes him home, and he even went grocery shopping with her. It is the greatest member-investigator fellowship ever! We have learned a lot about some neat stories too. When Sister Hendrix got to Anderson the sisters never went into Joe's apartment complex because its not the best place to be at certain times of the day, but she just felt that someone was ready in there, so they would go and try to talk to a few people in there. Joe had told us that he always saw them and wanted to see what they were out selling or talking to people about so he would always run up to his apartment to put a shirt on and when he would come out they would be gone. When we met Joe it was my first full day here in Anderson and have been teaching him ever since. It is crazy to find out their side of the story and to know there are truly certain people that our ready for the gospel and are suppose to have certain teachers. When his sister ask him how he was able to quit smoking and drinking coffee so easily he tells her that it was the power of God, and when his friends ask what is so different about him he tells them its because he is studying the most true book on earth. I loved that he says that. It is so true! The book of Mormon is the most true book on earth and when you read it you will come to know that for yourself. 
Also I had a really amazing break through on Friday. I have really been trying to focus on having a true love and charity for the people here. Well Friday came and literally every person I talked to I felt so much love for them and I could tell them that as a representative of Jesus Christ I feel just a tiny sliver of the love He has for them. It was the coolest thing. It just hit me all at once when we were helping someone cope through a hard time. And then that whole day I just felt love for everyone. Charity is something you can pray to have and I promise you that it does come as you serve the people around you.
I hope ya'll are doing great and are all working towards coming closer to Christ. He is the only way that you can find true happiness. I promise you that the Lord loves each of us and that He knows you, everything about you, and through Him we can find peace. I hope you will all turn to Him in not only times of need, but times of thanks.
Sister Rice

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