Monday, December 22, 2014

A trial I didn't expect!

Well first off I hope each of you are just as excited about Christmas as I am!?
Just a few things to tell you
First off remember Joe?? I started teaching him my second day out on my mission, well he is finally getting baptized this Saturday!!!:) We are very excited for him and he has just been glowing since he found out. 
but the other thing I have to tell ya'll is I am also coming home tomorrow. I have been having issues with my left foot since I have been out and it is not healing the way it needs to. The doctors and my mission president have told me it is best to go home and take care of the issue. It was a big shock to me especially since Joe is finally getting baptized. But I do feel at peace about it and have been told by many people there is obviously something I need to be doing at home right now. Its hard to see that because I have come to love these people in South Carolina and love being a missionary, but I trust in Heavenly Father and His plan for me. I just keep telling myself He sees the bigger picture. I received a priesthood blessing on Friday night, and in it I was told that the Lord is pleased with my service and missionary efforts, and blessed me with understanding and patience. I'm not sure what the future holds in store but I do know that my Heavenly Father loves me and He knows whats best for me. 
I thought it was hard to say goodbye to my family...but its been hard to say goodbye to the people I have come to love so much. My heart feels like it has been torn in half. 
But I wanted to take a moment to share my testimony and what I have learned while being on my mission. 
My mission has taught me so many things but I think the biggest thing has been love. Being set apart as a representative of Christ has given me the ability to feel a tiny little sliver of the love Christ has for every person. It has been so amazing to knock on someones door and just instantly feel love and care about everything they are facing and to yearn for them to accept our message. I know that this wouldn't be possible if this wasn't the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. My relationship with my Savior and the covenants I have made has brought me the most happiness in my life and I know it can do the same for all ya'll. 
Im sorry this is so short, my brain is kind of going 100 mph right now. But I just wanted to let ya'll know how much I love each of you and how much it has meant to me the support and prayers from everyone. 
I will be in touch soon...
Until then... Merry Christmas!
Sister Micaela Ann Rice

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