Sunday, December 14, 2014

Can you believe how time flies? Nov 3, 2014

Can you believe how time flies? I can't believe October is over! I hope ya'll had a good Halloween:)
So I got a new companion. Her name is Sister Bartholomew and she is from Orem, Utah. She is super sweet and only has 5 months left of her mission. She says it goes by fast, and I already can tell that. I hope it slows down! I already feel like its flown by. I left in the middle of summer and now its getting into winter. Speaking of is getting cold here! haha It always feels ten degrees colder than what it says because of the humidity and the wind. But I rather be cold than hot and sweaty.
Well its been another great week as a missionary full of exciting things. I have learned so many amazing things. I love doing this work, I am learning more every day. Its neat that all day every day I get to testify of Jesus Christ and His Atonement, that He suffered for everything we have and will go through. I love being able to share that message, and every time I do my testimony grows stronger. Elder Holland, one of the apostles right now, said that as a missionary the atonement will carry me more than it does my investigators most of the time. It is so TRUE! Its hard work and sometimes discouraging and heart breaking when people dont accept the message and stop investigating, but the good always out weighs the bad. And I have learned to turn to Christ atonement in those times to strengthen and uplift me. 
Its amazing to see when people start to feel the truth of what we share, its almost like you can see a shift in their eyes and their countenance. Thats my favorite part of being a missionary, watching others change. Its a blessing that I can see every day.
We met this man this week who lost his 13 year old son this year, and he wanted nothing to do with religion, but when we started talking about the plan of salvation, and how families cam be together for eternity, he opened up and started asking questions and he said we could come back and share more. It was amazing to me to see the healing instantly in his eyes. 
I know that because the Savior suffered for each of us and died on the cross that any ANY feeling we have can be healed through His atonement. I invite each of you this week to pray to Heavenly Father and ask for the atonement to take place in your life for anything that has been weighing down on you. And I promise you as one of Christ's representatives right now that His spirit will come into your life and ease your pain. I know this to be true! I see it daily. Embrace His love, there is no reason for us to suffer things longer than we should, they have already been paid for by our loving brother Jesus Christ.
I hope ya'll have an amazing week full of light and love from His spirit1
Until next time...
Sister Rice

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