Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another Week Goes By Aug 25, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
I hope all is well back in Idaho or wherever you may be. 
Where to even begin with this week. 
First off some pretty neat little things I have learned...South Carolina is where Coca-Cola is made from! It was meant to be for me to be here haha:) And there are people here that as soon as you tell them what church your from they will shut the door while saying "yes i have heard of your church before and so now im going to close the door."
My companion and I always walk off saying, " you closed the door on Jesus" or "your not interested in learning about Christ."
Also if I put my mind to it I can slurp down some huge onion chunks in some chili as long as I dont chew them, and you couldnt even tell on my face I was going to puke. :)
One last funny thing while we were studying this week... Look up Psalm 85:11. It literally talks about the restoration coming from the ground(the book of mormon buried in the earth). Made my day!
Now to the work! It is going! I spoke on Sunday and we were able to get 2 investigators to church and 3 less actives back to church! One hadn't been in 8 years.
Our investigator Joe is amazing!! He was the one to stop us on the street. We were in a pretty rough area and so we didn't feel like talking to strangers...especially men, but he approached us and asked us a bunch of questions and asked for a book of mormon. When we went back to our return appointment he had read the chapter we left with him and started reading from the beginning by himself. He is already half way through 1 Nephi. He even had a journal with questions. We have taught him the Restoration and Plan of Salvation, and while we were talking about the kingdoms of glory he basically taught it for us. He also came to church and is currently praying for a baptismal date of Septemember 13th. (fingers crossed). We are teaching him tonight more about baptism so we will see if he will commit. He is the golden investigator! He even asked us if we know how he could start his family history:)
We have also been teaching this lady Peggy and her two grand daughters Zykia and Jocelyn. We went there tuesday and Peggy answered the door and went right back to the kitchen throwing things around and was telling us she didn't want us teaching her anymore, she had prayed about it and that her and the girls were going back the the Seventh Day Adventist church. She told us we could come and visit but no more lessons. The girls were crying and hugging was pretty hard to see but we were eventually able to get into her apartment and pray with her and she said if the girls felt it was something they wanted to they might be able to. She said we could come visit friday though. So we went back and she was a completely different person, like she only had had a bad day. We were able to read out of the book of mormon with her and she was even marking the verses in the book of mormon. She almost committed to church and then at the last minute said she would think about it. so we will see how it goes from here.
It has been such a good week and such a fun time.
Know that through Christ anything is possible. For what we lack in, The Savior's grace makes up. As we use the Atonement in our daily lives we never have to feel sad, discouraged, or anything negative. Turn to Him. He is the only one that truly understands what your going through.
Much love,
Sister Rice
Read Helaman 5

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