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Hello :) Oct 27, 2014

Hello everyone:)
Once again it has been a great week here in South Carolina as a missionary:) I hope all of you are enjoying the fall weather back home!
Its been a busy week...
The first thing is that Sister Hendrix is getting transferred:/ It was a long week waiting to find out if she was or not. We got a voice mail saturday night that just said the names of the missionaries being transferred in our zone( a couple of mission areas) and we go to Columbia wednesday to find out where she is going and who will be coming back with me. I'm sad to see her go and nervous to get a new companion but know that this is all in the Lords timing and that there is someone new I am suppose to teach with. 
We have been really focusing on building our teaching pool and we finally have one! We are working with 6 main investigators right now. And it is all going so good. We are still working with Joe and he is still doing great, just please pray for her that his personal affairs can come in line so he can get baptized. We have started teaching his grandma Susan and she is so sweet. She will be having a surgery this week but after she recovers from that she really wants to get baptized. She received a priesthood blessing last night to give her comfort for her surgery this week. We have also been working with this man named Scott who is doing great. He loves church and said her really enjoys that we worship reverently(that doesn't happen much in the South), but he is progressing and hopefully this week we can invite him to be baptized.
We have also been working with the Fords, and the Simpsons. Both of them are part member families. Brother Ford and Brother Simpson are not members but their wives are. And its kind funny because they both live down the street from each other...and both have the same concerns. So we literally go down the street one after another and basically have the same discussions. But they are both great families and good fathers. They have been coming to church as well:) Its kinda weird teaching them and sometimes hits close to home, but it gives me practice to know what to say to my dad;) haha Love you dad!!
But really I think I can connect to them on a different level because every time I share my testimony I think of them as my father and how much it would mean to their families to have them both accept and embrace the gospel. I can really empathize with them. I have high hopes for both of them and just feel so blessed for the amazing people we are working with here in Anderson. The gospel truly brings me so much joy, and especially sharing it! I love being a missionary!:)
I hope all of you are doing amazing, and that you might all feel inspired to share this with someone. You never know who is searching for it and doesn't even realize it. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is His gospel and that it brings us some much peace and fills in all those missing pieces, and answers the questions of the soul. I hope all of you are embracing it into your lives and finding out for yourselves if it is true.
Until next time....I love you all! and thank you all for the support!
Sister Rice

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