Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another week has come and gone Oct 13, 2014

Hello everyone!
I hope all is going great back in Idaho or where ever you may be:)
Everyone here just makes fun of me about being from Idaho and loving it so much. They say only Idahoans like to stay where they were born hahah:) The Bishop is from Shelley, Idaho so he gets me:) and is trying to convince is wife to move back there once he gets released. I told her that Im on his side haha:)
But South Carolina is also beautiful and where the Lord wants me to live right now. I love all the trees here especially right now with all the leaves changing. It is so pretty. I will have to take pictures this week and attach them to my email next week so ya'll can see it. 
The work is moving forward here in Anderson. We are meeting many new people and hoping to set up return appointments. 
Our investigator Joe is doing a lot better and is back on track preparing for baptism, so please pray for him that it will all work out how the Lord wants it to. 
It was really neat this week, my mtc teacher had emailed me and advised me to think of talents I have and use them on my mission. My companion and I were discussing that one day this week and how we could better work with the youth because we feel like that is a strength of both of ours. We couldn't really think of any and it was time to go so we knelt to say a prayer, and after Sister Hendrix said " Lets text Jen and invite her to come to book of mormon class."
Side note: Jen is a young woman in the ward that teaches with us sometimes, and book of mormon class happens on wednesday nights and we read from the book of mormon with our investigators.
Back to the I texted her and she ended up coming, afterwards we invited her to go get frozen yogurt with us because we didnt have enough time to drive to our area but couldnt be in until 9. So we went to frozen yogurt and while talking with her she started to cry and told us she was having a rough day and dwelling on past mistakes and that everything we read and discussed in book of mormon class was what she needed and the advice we gave her over yogurt is what she has been trying to figure out and pray about. We all were crying(because were girls) and because we felt the Spirit. Heavenly Father answered prayer through a simple thought Sister Hendrix had. Her mom texted us later and told us how grateful she was for us reaching out to her like that.
It was such a neat experience. It taught me so much on acting on the Spirit. That any good thought we have is the Spirit directing us to be an answer to someone elses prayer. I would invite ya'll to listen to those tiny impressions you get through out the week. Like to call or text someone, smile at someone, or go visit someone. You never know what they might be going through that you could help make their day a little better.
Heavenly Father answers our prayers. He loves us and cares about us and knows everything were going through. I hope all of you know that and I hope all of you take the time to pray to Him and build that relationship with Him.
I would like if ya'll could each send me the ways that you have come to know your Heavenly Father, or how He has answered your prayers:) It would be awesome to hear from ya'll but also to learn from your experiences.
Until next week!
Sister Rice

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