Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weeks just go by fast Dec 8, 2014

Well can you believe your getting another email from me?!?! haha the weeks just go by sooooo fast. I feel like December just started and now there are only 17 days til Christmas. How exciting! I love this time of year. I hope you each are enjoying it as much as me.

So we have had a pretty good week here in Anderson. We found out that we get to watch the "meet the mormons" movie on December 19th. I am so excited to see it! Also did anyone go on youtube yesterday?? Well if you did, Did you notice something different? The "He is a gift video" (which I sent yall last week and all of you should have watched it) was the only thing being advertised on there. It was called a youtube takeover, where the church bought out all the places to do ads and put the link to the video on it. It was estimated over 200 million people would have watched that yesterday. How neat is that!!! I love being apart of this great work. So Share that video with everyone and help the world remember the real reason we celebrate CHRISTmas.

We had our ward Christmas party on Friday night and about 275 people were was a great turn out. The theme was Frozen:) and they also had Santa there. It was great because we had 3 investigators show up, and there were so many members friends/family that they introduced us to. They read some symbols of traditional Christmas stuff. Like did you know that the reason we put candy canes on a tree is because if you turn it upside down its a "J" for Jesus, or did you know the reason we put a star as a tree topper is because it represents the north star that appeared the night Christ was born:) Makes it a little more meaningful now I think!

So we started teaching this girl named Lauren, who is Amazing!! She is 22 and is a nurse, and we met her through a member. She is dating Nate(a guy in our ward) and he has been bringing her to church for a little over a month now. We have been able to do a few things with her like shopping and went and got ice cream, and went over to her house to help decorate her tree. Well that was the plan...but when we got there we ended up just talking and she really opened up to us. We then answered some of the questions that she had and then told her our purpose as missionaries and asked if she wanted to take the lessons. She said yes and was really excited. Its really neat too because her family is being very supportive. So she had us over for dinner this week and we taught her about the Restoration of the gospel. The Spirit was so strong and she even got emotional a couple of times. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted!!! She is preparing to be baptized December 20th:) so pray for her. She is great...what was really neat at church the next day we had a relief society lesson about Sister Dibbs conference talk " i know it i live it i love it" and the teacher told sister Dibbs story about seeing a young women wearing a tshirt that said " im a mormon are you?" and so the teacher passed out pieces of paper and asked each of us what we would put on a tshirt that represented our testimony or who we are...well being a little snoopy I was interested what Lauren put:) She wrote on her paper Moroni 10:5 that says "And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things which was a scripture Sister Bartholomew had her read the night before. and then at the bottom she put in big letters " I BELIEVE" and by the end of the lesson she added "I KNOW" :) it was so amazing to see her write that and from watching her testimony grow in just a few minutes. 
I know that sharing the gospel can be nerve wracking but you never know who's life you can change. Its a simple invitation to change someone's life. I would invite each of you to read or watch Sister Dibbs talk and share the gospel with someone this week.

 and for those of you who aren't members I would invite you to find out more. Just like the scripture in Moroni that as you seek for yourself you will know if its true for the Holy Ghost. and just like Lauren you can go from a belief to a for sure knowing in moments because of the power of the Holy Ghost. 

I love being a missionary:) and I love this work. I love Christ and Heavenly Father and I love you all. I know that they do as well. They are there for you always. Turn to them. Discover and embrace the gift of Christ and His gospel this Christmas season. 
I have reflected a lot on my past this week and I am so grateful that I made the decisions to take missionary discussions and get baptized. I have not once regretted this decision, and will never. Because I know it was the right choice and that this is what Heavenly Father wants His children following. I hope you each will embrace it more in your life this next week.

until next time.... I love yall so much! Thanks for all the support1
Sister Rice
                                                               Light of Hope Park

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